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You are your bike.

Every piece is unique.

The Elbike is the worlds’ first fully customizable electric bike. Choose from over 200 colours to design your personal Elbike. The configurator is super easy to use and guides you through the entire design process. From frame to fork to front rim – you are your bike!

The Elbike features

See why it is not just another boring electric bike.

Greener living just became cool

Electric bikes have no carbon dioxide emissions or other pollutants. With the Elbike, you can make cycling part of your everyday exercise, reducing your carbon footprint along the way.

“15kg /33lbs only” / Lovely lightweight

The Elbike aluminum frame makes it easy to just pick up and move on – whether you need to get the elbike up the stairs to your apartment or across an obstacle on the road

Over 200 colours and 3 sizes to choose

From men in black to unicorn parade, we’ve got you covered. Choose the colours that define your style. The Elbike is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. So you can feel comfortable on your electric bike wherever you go.

Why a hub front engine?

Excellent question. Simple answer: because it’s easy as pie. Should anything happen with the motor, you post in the entire back wheel and we’ll send you a new one.

Charge & Go!

Just plug it in overnight, and your Elbike will be ready to go in the morning. One full battery will get you as far as 80km/nearly 50 miles!

Powerful engine

The hub front engine is made in Germany by Ansmann AG and has a maximum speed of 25km/h or 15.5 mph. Rated power: 250/350W. Torque: 30Nm

Does effortless biking sound like fun?

No pain, no shame

The Elbike gives you all the comfort of an electric bike, but doesn’t look like one. The Ansmann AG engine made in Germany gives you that perfect assistance whenever things get tough on the road. That means you can work out without the sweat or ditch your car for your commute and arrive fresh as a daisy. The exchangeable battery sits in the frame under the seat.

Ride with style – designed in Germany

Did you know that over 40% of Germans use their bikes every day? And 50% at least once a week? Germans get bikes! The stylish frame features sleek lines, progressive shapes and innovative proportions. In simple terms: Elbike looks, feels and rides like a super light and easy to maneuver road bike.

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and get a chance to order 1 of the limited early bird editions with 50% off!