The Elbike is a beautiful and easy Pedelec with a removeable battery for a very good price-ratio Made in Germany.


How many gears has the Elbike?

The basis-model is singlespeed with 1 gear. But you can choose the 3- or 8- gear shift gear. It is a Shimano Nexus Grip Shift.

Is Singlespeed enough for a city with slopes?

Singlespeed without electrical drive is very sporty. But Singlespeed with electric support is the pleasant way to cruise easy through the city and slopes without efforts. And most of all, fastest. You don ́t have to think which gear, you just drive.
The optimally-adjusted transmission ratio of 44 teeth/17 teeth allows for unbeatable acceleration and surprising speed in the city.
And another reason for Singlespeed: It is not susceptible to failure.


Why do you use a front hub?

The main advantage is the easy handling when something is broken. It is very easy to change the front wheel with the the hub engine. Our front motor only weighs 1.8 kg, reaches a very high efficiency and is almost silent and free from vibrations.
Also it is a ALL WHEEL DRIVE. You power the backwheel with pedaling and the
engine supports from the front.
The size of the wheels are 28 inches.

Is there any guarantee?

The guarantee period is one year from delivery of the electric parts. For all the other bicycle parts (frame, fork…) we offer two/five years warranty. Since we want to have satisfied customers, we will be very keen in later service cases.


Is the battery of the Elbike removeable?

The battery of every Elbike is always removeable and lockable. So you can easy charge it wherever you have a socket.

Which battery is integrated?

We integrated an Ansmann battery with Capacity: 11,6Ah, 418Wh, distance: 80 km (full load 50 km), Charging cycles: 500 full loads, max. 3000 partial loads (hereafter still 75% remaining capacity).

Why I can see no battery?

The battery is fully integrated in the down tube and nearly invisible.

Which advantages has the Elbike Lithium-battery?

Lithium battery packs are the ideal power choice for E-Bikes.
With the double high energy density compared to NiMH cells and with their low self-discharge, this technology is the optimal energy source for all E-bikes.
Li-Ion battery packs are thermally stable, resistant to cold and have no memory effect.


We attach much importance on making our customers happy and satisfied. So please do not hesitate to get in touch if any problems occur (CONTACT). We will always find a satisfactory solution for you.
Our service hours (e-mail/telephone) and the opening hours of our urbike shop in Munich is Tuesday – Friday at (10:00 -19:00). Monday upon consultation. If you have any questions, please e-mail us hello@urbike.de. We will get back to you as soon as possible (response within 24 hours).


“Quick and dirty“ is surely not our guiding principle; we rather prefer to strive for sustainability. Consistent quality control tests, feedback of our clients and our experience form input for product development, quality control and quality improvement. In the case of quality issues, please get in touch and we will find a solution.


Your Elbike will be safely delivered wrapped up in 2 layers of bubble wrap in a cardboard carton. You are usually going to be informed about the delivery of your order.
Your Elbike is insured during transport. In case of damages caused during transportation, please contact us. We will make sure to find the best solution as soon as possible. It would be optimal if you unpacked and checked your urbike upon delivery.

Shipping costs

Per electro-bicycle including VAT
Germany: 44 Euro
Austria: 54 Euro
Europe (close) (Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, etc.): 64 Euro
Shipping costs Europe (distant) (Spain, Portugal): 74 Euro
Shipping costs Switzerland: 90 Euro + customs duty + fee
Shipping costs rest of the world: upon request, about 90 €